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About the album -

track-by-track commentary

„Everyone has an obsession – music is ours.“– Sundae Street

When the girls of Sundae Street started singing back in 2002, no one would have imagined that they would one day come up with an album, filled with 14 fantastic pop songs, written by no one but themselves.

With the upbeat opening song, “All About Love”, the girls reveal what the album, named “Secret Obsession” is all about: love. Although the song itself refers to the question “if there’s a love as gentle as a dove”, the listener will soon notice that the duo has had one certain love in mind when they made their album.

Sundae Street have turned their love for music into what now is a collection of various, catchy pop tunes, which invite you to have dance, to inspire to think and dream or sometimes to make you laugh or cry.

The second song “One Big Mistake” is the very first track the girls have written back in 2004. It is about the insecurity one can feel after the break-up of a relationship.

The next track and also album title is “Secret Obsession”. While Sundae Street are obviously obsessed with music, the song is about having secretly a very strong passion for a person.

The album continues with a slight change of sound as the electric beats of “Dangerous” jump down your spine. You’ll get into a dangerously good mood for dancing.

Everybody knows how hard life can be and also how hard it can be to say goodbye.

“You Made It”, track number five, makes you look hopefully into the future after having had to go through rough times; the message is simple but true: “You know if you fall, you have to start once more”. 

The sixth song is called “Show Me How You Feel”, a song that makes you feel good, although the song is about a girl that desperately waits for her crush to reveal his feelings.

“No Need To Cry” is the title of song number seven. This track shows the other side of a break-up: sometimes you need to free yourself from a bad relationship to feel better.

“These words are all about love”. (All About Love)

And so are the lyrics of “Your Sweet Smile.” Track number eight is a nice and slow love song, which reminds you of feeling in love with someone.

The next song is not necessarily about loving someone, but more about finding the love of your life. The ninth song “Is He Real” deals with the question if Mr. Right does exist at all and it tells about the ups and downs of the search. Accompanied by multiple trumpets the song gets a hint of solemness.

Track number ten appears to be one of the most personal songs of the album. With “Leave For Good”, Isabell tries to handle her past as a child of divorced parents.

This song may give you shivers and even bring tears into your eyes.

The next song is again one that a lot of people can identify with. “Candle In The Storm” represents the feelings in the darkest hours of life, when things just do not seem to get better. This sad ballad is the only one to be simply accompanied by piano and strings, because: “when there’s no sensible heartbeat in life, there is no drum beats in music.”

From darkness to brightness with the reggae-song number twelve.

“Always Be Your Fool” is a fun and honest song out of a girl’s view who feels not treated correctly by her lover: “You’ll never treat me like a woman.”

The following track number thirteen is probably the most poetic song lyrically on the album.  “Imagine life was a river . . .” How do you live your life; do you go with the flow or against the stream? “Imagine (Over Again)” is about the strength and the independence that you need to live your life on your own.

Last but not least is song number fourteen, “Keep On Dancing”. As the title suggests, the song is all about dancing, partying and having a good time with your friends. With a groovy beat and cool guitar riffs this song is definitely one to rock out to and you will not be able to get it out of your head so easily. 


We can recommend this album to every person who likes good pop music and especially to people who like music by Atomic Kitten, Girls Aloud and Lady Gaga.

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